January 25th, 2019

clan urquhart

Happy Robert Burns Day

The first supper was held in memoriam at Burns Cottage by Burns's friends, on 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death; it has been a regular occurrence ever since. The first still extant Burns Club was founded in Greenock in 1801 by merchants who were born in Ayrshire, some of whom had known Burns. They held the first Burns supper on what they thought was his birthday, 29 January 1802, but in 1803, they discovered the Ayr parish records that noted his date of birth was actually 25 January 1759 Since then, suppers have been held on or about 25 January. (gakked from The Great God Wikipedia).

Well, we probably won't be dining on haggis tonight or even tats or neeps, but I will be listening to some pipes and remembering the dinners from back home. I didn't appreciate the tradition my father was attempting to expose me to, but I knew I liked the food, even the dreaded haggis, and loved the music. It may be only half of my make up, but I consider myself Scottish, through and through.

simons cat by the fire

The friday Five for Jan, 25, 2019

Tediousandbrief posted -

1. What are your feelings about winter?
2. What is your go-to drink in the winter? (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
3. What are your favorite things about the winter?
4. How do you deal with the wintry blues?
5. What are your least favorite things about the winter?

1. As long as it's not cold and there's no snow or ice, I'm fine with it, which is why I like where we live so much.

2. Nothing really special. I like hot chocolate, but I will drink that in the summer, too. I drink more hot tea during the winter, though.

3. Nothing. Seriously, I don't like the winter. It would not make me cry if we moved to Hawaii or Tahiti.

4. I don't get the winter blues, not like some people do. There never seems to be enough to time to worry about it. I'm always on the run or so it seems.

5. The snow, the cold, the ice, the snow, the cold... it's a sad refrain...