January 26th, 2019

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I haven't posted a regular post in a while

I can't believe we are already to the last weekend in January. This month had flown by. We got some great rain, some incredible sunny weather and it's looking like a may have an early Spring. That would be lovely.

Our latest show, Comedy of Tenors is selling okay for a regular play and we've got three outside shows booked for March and April. The guys in the back have taken advantage of this time to really dig in and get some stuff down backstage, something Brian never did. They have taken the old floor out of the rehearsal hall and cleaned everything out. The back lot of the theatre has been leveled and the plan is to move a few sheds (they are talking five) into the area to take care over costume overflow and storage. They have already dropped a power conduit so that we will be able to get light to them. I have to admit that Dennis has gotten more done in his tenure than any other director since Greg M. My hat is off to him. The plan is to turn the rehearsal hall into a small black box for us and outside groups to use. They are talking about using it for the moment as a 'entertaining venue' possibly for a small dinner or cocktails spot. I'm down with that. What is really holding us up at the moment is the bathroom issues. We will have to address that very soon.

Otherwise, life moves on. TBG is fine, the cats are all fine (knock wood) and I got a good report from my new NP. My ear has finally cleared up and I'm hoping that I have made it through cold and flu season unscathed. Our friend is down to three last radiation treatments and his reports are coming back very good, so that's a relief.

On we tumble to Valentine's Day, Chinese New Years and President's Day (our last holiday until Memorial Day at work).

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!