February 25th, 2019

one cat short

Shots of 'the kids'

I was talking with kabuldur this morning and she said she didn't realize I had two long haired cats. 'The Kids' as we call them are litter mates and there is Maine Coon in them. Their fur is silky soft and very fine. Bête Noir gets trimmed more than Patachou, mostly because of her ruff. Both of them love to be brushed, Patachou more than the other.

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Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Do you still love cinnamon and sugar toast? (No, but I never really cared for it as a kid, either).

What was some good advice that your father gave you? (If you ever need a helping hand, look on the end of your arm).

What national park would you like to go to? (Well, in warmer weather, Dinosaur National Park and I'd really like to go back to Volcano National Park and see what it looks like now)