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August 4th, 2019

That was a year, that was...

Hard to believe that a year has passed, but at this point last year, I was sitting up in Sutter Creek, anticipating a week at the bunkhouse with our good friends, the Rives and with seeing Mamma Mia at the tail end of it. And worrying about the bathroom full of kitten I had and what was to come of the little family. It seems like yesterday and it seems like a lifetime ago. What is it about birthdays that make you philosophical?

We went out to dinner with Barb and Jeff last night and Barb did it up royally. She made five tapas as apps and all of them were delicious! She really doted over me last night and that sort of felt nice. Jeff gave me a lovely anthurium plant and Barb gave me a nice bottle of wine and a gift card to Trader Joe's. I have photos, but my phone needs to recharge first.

Then we went to Stonebriar for dinner. I hope their food continues to shine the way it has. They must be doing okay because every time we do, there's a new addition. This time it was a bar and they have reopened their inside bathroom - thank the stars. I hated having to go outside to use the other one. I had some excellent chicken cacciatore, Jeff and Barb both had the sea bass and TBG had (wait for it) steak. Nothing was particularly photo worthy, so the camera stayed off. Sadly, they put us in front of the piano and although it was soft, it was still louder than I would have liked.

Today we are going over to the farmer's market because I'm going to make some corn chowder for dinner and it's best with fresh corn. Jeff invited us to swim (and said that he's lowered the temperature of the pool. that's good because last week it was 95 degrees. Good for a soak, not so much for a swim.), so I will bring the soup with us. I think he enjoys these Sunday get-togethers a lot. I know I do.

It's also my thought to stop at Barnes and Noble and see what they have in their Alaska section. We are starting to research for our trip there next summer. TBG has already booked a vehicle for us and I found a nice hotel, but it's already booked solid for the time we're going. I much prefer books to the computer at this point in the research game.

I hope that everyone here will be doing something that they enjoy today, if it's just staying in and vegging or getting out there and being productive. Remember to laugh today.

The tapas from last night

Partnered with Aperol Spritzes

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What part of your day would you rather have excessive time to enjoy?

What are three realistic goals that you think you will be able to accomplish this year?

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