August 10th, 2019

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Well, that was interesting...

Well, really not. It's hard when a week starts on such a high note that the only direction left is down. I was just a bit depressed on Tuesday. After a fabulous and very spoiling birthday weekend, it was hard to go back to regular life. However, that's what this week was, regular and quiet.

At work, I spent much of it doing data entry. I've been working on this project (Dennis has asked me to input all the cast/crew lists from every show we've done - that's only 69 years.) for two weeks and have made it to the 2007/2008 season (I'm working backwards from this past season). It seems to take forever to input all these lists, but it is interesting to see how things change from season to season. And it is something to do.

There was an emergency board meeting this week and they approved a new position. We are finally going to get a full time marketing/fundraising person who will be based out of the office. For as long as I've known, it's been a throwaway, part time job for someone looking to make a few extra bucks (trust me, the mistakes in the program demonstrates this). It's nice to know that Ava's days are numbered. Do you know she has put the program together, but hasn't even talked to the advertisers about renewing or billed them? We are still waiting for money from last year's program, but she goes ahead and plunks in their ads. Her mistakes have cost the theatre almost twice her salary this past year. Yeah, go figure...

On Thursday, we finally got a call from CVS that they had shingles vaccine and we went in for our first shot (the second to follow in three months). It was a little ow-y, burning mostly, and my arm ached all day yesterday. I felt a little off and my joints ached, but it could just be me. However, TBG felt the same way and then started running a fever. He's not taken vaccines well since the yellow fever one back in 2010. I'm feeling okay today, but we will see how TBG is faring. Happily we have a very quiet weekend, so he can rest up.

Otherwise, that's been the week. Titan has had an upset tum for a few days and left me 'surprises' everywhere. That seems to be behind him now, no pun intended. And aside from a dose of flea medicine and toenail clipping, it's been an uneventful week for them as well.

Hope this is seeing the dawn of a great weekend for everyone! Get out there and have some fun (or stay in and have it). Whatever you do, stay safe!
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A later Friday Five

anais_pf posted - This post is brought to you by my relentless cough and a visit to the urgent care walk-in clinic. Sorry for the late-ish posting.

1. How are you feeling today?

2. Have you gone to one of those emergency/urgent care walk-in clinics?

3. What symptoms made you go there?

4. Does it make you feel better to have the doctor translate your symptoms into a medical-sounding diagnosis (e.g., really bad cough = bronchitis)?

5. What is the worst tasting medicine you have ever had?

1. I'm feeling pretty good. My arm hurts a little from my shot, but otherwise everything is okay at the moment.

2. Yeah, the last time was in January for my ear infection.

3. My ear was oozing pus and I couldn't hear out of it. Since it's the only ear I hve that works, I was essentially deaf.

4. Not really. Mostly, I just want to make sure it's not something worse than I think it is.

5. Caster oil, which they gave me in the hospital the last time I was there for back surgery. It was pretty awful.
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Just wondering

Haven't done one of these for a while - how about some fun with words?

Now just what do you suppose these words mean? And if you do by some chance know, just play along and don't reveal the answers. I will post the definitions tomorrow morning.

Balbraggin –

Xystus –

Cornnobbled –

Mundungus –

Collieshanlge –