August 20th, 2019

Shaun's ok

Back to rights now

It took a bit, but I think that virus is finally in my rear view mirror. I woke up without a headache, sore throat or painful gas. The morning has been quite usual with nothing out of place. *whew*

Just want to thank everyone for their well wishes and to let them know they worked.

Here's wishing everyone the best Tuesday that can be! Carpe the snot out of this diem, my friends!

To anyone who posts on AO3 - You've won a Hugo!

AO3 won the 2019 Hugo Award for Best Related Work!

Here’s the speech given by Naomi Novik when the award was accepted:
All fanwork, from fanfic to vids to fanart to podfic, centers the idea that art happens not in isolation but in community. And that is true of the AO3 itself. We’re up here accepting, but only on behalf of literally thousands of volunteers and millions of users, all of whom have come together and built this thriving home for fandom, a nonprofit and non-commercial community space built entirely by volunteer labor and user donations, on the principle that we needed a place of our own that was not out to exploit its users but to serve them.
Even if I listed every founder, every builder, every tireless support staff member and translator and tag wrangler, if I named every last donor, all our hard work and contributions would mean nothing without the work of the fan creators who share their work freely with other fans, and the fans who read their stories and view their art and comment and share bookmarks and give kudos to encourage them and nourish the community in their turn.
This Hugo will be joining the traveling exhibition that goes to each Worldcon, because it belongs to all of us. I would like to ask that we raise the lights and for all of you who feel a part of our community stand up for a moment and share in this with us.

To all my fellow winners, congrats and rock on! Keep kicking some fannish ass!
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Have you ever bought a celebrity's cookbook? By celebrity, I mean someone not known for cooking, like Vincent Price or Luke Perry.

Have you ever bought a cookbook based upon a TV show, like The Star Trek Cook Book or the Game of Thrones cookbook, something like that? (My favorite is my Addams Family Cookbook)

Do you actually read/use cookbooks or just get them for them for show?