October 2nd, 2019

Halloween bete noir

Cat stuff

So this past weekend, we hung a drop in the living room (photos will follow), but when we moved the couch, we found the following:

I wondered where all the springs had gone...

Moe came to visit yesterday and we tuckered him out.
Christmas Napoleon

And one more because I am so happy.

Forgive the Christmas icon.

The first weekend of December is the open house at Sutter Creek. All the stores stay open late and lay out a spread for shoppers. There is caroling and even Father Christmas on Friday night. On Saturday night, there is the posada down Main Street.

Every year we look forward to this with great anticipation as it is always a fun time. Barb joins us and we have a ball shopping and just enjoying the start of the holiday season.

Snickers (Barb's dog) has developed a bad case of nerves (we don't know why) and she can't leave him in the house for any length of time before he goes through separation anxiety. He has destroyed tons of stuff and been taken to the vet for various items eaten. Thankfully, nothing bad has happened, however, he pet sitter told her that she wasn't available for that weekend. With great sadness, she told us she couldn't go to Sutter Creek. We were even prepared to adjust the time gone so she could have at least one night there, but she couldn't.

Last night she called and the pet sitter had a cancellation and she will be staying with Snickers that weekend. We were both thrilled that Barb is able to come. It will be such fun and I am very happy.