October 4th, 2019

Halloween bete noir

Back from the dentist and doing my happy dance

Finally got a regime put together that I can stick with and that turns out good results. Doc was very pleased with my teeth. Murmured something about a crown when I was ready. Yeah, like I'm going to be ready anytime soon.

Went over to Home Depot and got some mums and more marigolds. The front is looking quite festive now. If the snails will leave them alone, all will be well.

Yesterday Moe paid me a visit. He's turning into a proper little kitten now. I'm a little sad that his eyes are going from blue to gray, but that's the way of kittens.

We are going to be cleaning out the SCT warehouse this weekend. That should be an experience! We have a 40 yard dumpster coming and I bet we will fill it twice. I will try to take some photos.

I wish everyone a fun, fun weekend