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October 6th, 2019

Title: A slight Miscalculation
Genre: Doctor Who and NCIS
Rating: G
Word count 1400
To: televisionmouth
Prompt - NCIS (Ducky) and The Doctor of your choice. Prompt: "You've got the wrong season, Doctor."

I hope you enjoy your tale!

Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard walked slowly into his office, feeling every one of his many years. He knew that his coworkers didn’t see him as old, but there were times when he wished they realized he was not always a perennial kid.

This was one of those times. His head pounded and he could barely keep his eyes open. All he wanted was peace and quiet for the next hour. Abby’s Halloween fest had pounded his nerves down to the raw nub. Last night had been a difficult one with his mother and he was having to admit to himself that it was time to move her from their home into a care facility. He loathed the thought, but it was time. She was existing mostly in her memory now and her wandering was causing issues with the neighbors. When she turned up sleeping on someone’s couch, he’d faced the ugly truth. He either had to retire and make her his entire life or move her some place where she could be watched and cared for.
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The Great Warehouse Adventure

Yesterday was the first work day at the warehouse. It will take another four or five to whip it into shape. I concentrated upon props because that's my forte. Today was mostly just sorting and getting the right props on the right shelf. To help us with this, we ordered a 40 yard dumpster. Dennis argued with me that it was too big and we'd never fill it. We filled it completely within ninety minutes. Yeah... lots of crap.

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Just wondering

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this weekend?

What kept from it, if you didn't get everything done?

Would you have done something differently at the start of the weekend?


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