October 10th, 2019

exhausted bunny

All tuckered out now...

We had another work day at the warehouse and I'm still coughing up dust from it. The warehouse itself is dusty and yesterday with the high winds, the air was thick with it. Our sky was white because of all the crap in the air. We didn't lose our power, but we did get the winds. Cough...

Spent the afternoon working on props again. I went through all the fake food and weeded out the pieces that were damaged, poorly made or just past it. Then I went through the trays, cut crystal, alcohol, and plates. After that, it was time to pull up my big girl panties and attack the flowers/greenery. It took me an hour, but when I finished, there were only two tubs each of the flowers/greenery. Again, all the damaged, poor made, plastic flowers were tossed. Then TBG cleaned off the table (can you believe he took the afternoon off from work to help me?) and we went through all the soft goods (blankets, sheets, towels, etc.). We started at 12:30 and finished just after three.

The it was home. I got the laundry ready to go (I had to wait for TBG to show up as we'd driven out separately), then took a shower, got the laundry going and started dinner. And got a lesson. I knew we were going to be tired, so I bought pre-made fries. Ugh, we won't be doing that again. They were weird tasting. TBG even made me toss the bag of the remaining fries he disliked that so much. Next time, I will make my own, the way I usually do. In the end, I didn't really save anything. Sigh...

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching Downton Abbey. Man, are Bates and Anna ever going to catch a break? Now Anna been raped? *shakes head*

I did take photos, but they are on the phone downstairs and I'm upstairs, only moving as much as necessary, so they will be coming along later.

Don't I live the life of wild abandon?
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You never know who you might run into in a Haunted House

Title: Spook House
Genre: Man from UNCLE
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2887

Written for bradygirl_12, who wanted a Man from UNCLE Haunted house. My thanks to her for a challenging prompt and to Sparky for her beta help

The factory had been there for as long as I could remember, and that was saying something. I’d seen it as a factory, of course, then as a warehouse, a flop house, a crime lair and most recently a teen hangout. I’d walked this way for many years.

However, this was something new. It had started with a single car and a pair of men.

“What do you think?”

“The structure is still sound, the floor plan gives us ample space and opportunity. I think we’ve arrived.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but as was my usual fashion, I settled down and watched. Time is on my side. It’s always on my side.

The cars came by the boatload, it seemed and everyone arrived carrying something, a mop, a broom, tools, canvas and later heavy curtains and plywood. There was an explosion of activity and people descended upon the factory. I waited and I watched.

Lights now burned where there had only been darkness before and the old factory came back to life, inch by inch. I wasn’t sure, not to the end, what they were doing. That’s when they hung a large sign above the door. SPOOK HOUSE – a scare a minute.
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goofy dog

Gonked from Stardust1161

Favorite smell? Lemon flowers
Last time you cried? Last night when Anna told her husband about the rape
What's your favorite pizza? Vegetarian from Dante’s
What's your favorite flower? Plumeria/white ginger – it’s a tie
Did you go to college? Yup, ended up with four degrees, and two partials.
Untie your shoes when taking them off? Never
Roller coasters? Not unless I want to end up in traction
Favorite ice cream? Rocky Road
Favorite thing? Life, in general
Shorts or jeans? Shorts in the summer, jeans in the fall, winter and spring
What are you listening to? Radiotunes (Sweet Life by Houston Person)
Favorite color? Red, yellow, black
Tattoos? Never
Color of hair? Blonde at the moment
Color of eyes? Brown
Favorite thing to eat? Whatever’s in front of me! Pasta is always a good choice.
Favorite holiday? Halloween
Beer or wine? Red wine, either a blend or a zin
Night owl or Morning person? Morning
Favorite day of the week? Sunday
Do you have a Nickname? I sure do.

Come and play with me. You know you want to...