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October 13th, 2019

And it's Sunday again

We had a lovely time last and dinner came out great. I think Joan was really thankful that someone would go to such lengths for her. The only bummer of the night was that it was too warm for a fire. I know that will come along soon enough, but it was a bit of a let down. In fact, it was so warm, we had to turn on a fan.

Joan arrived about twenty minutes early. I didn't even get to pull the pee mats! She didn't care and that made me feel really thankful. TBG visited with her while I finished up the apps and then we killed a bottle of Peach Bellini and enjoyed the apps. She had a recipe that she thought sounded fabulous and said that since she could no longer stand in the kitchen to cook, she was passing it along to us. She always does a big Christmas party, but she said she thought it was more than she could handle. We told her that if she wanted. We could come and help her decorate for Christmas and then we'd cook this meal (pork chops with pomegranate molasses and cauliflower a gratin) for her to serve, as long as we were invited as guests. She started to cry. Yeah, she was happy. We will see what happens next.

The shrimp bisque, while a PITA to make, tasted really good and the Normandy Chicken Fricassee was even better than last time. While the apples finished baking, we watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (again) and talked some more. What I didn't know was that while I was visiting with Joan, TBG cleaned my kitchen. It was Paradise to watch into a clean kitchen this morning. I had three pans to put away and that was it. Pure Heaven. He is too good to me. I made him some orange cranberry scones as a thank you this morning.

Now he's off to the farmer's market and I'm playing catch up on everything.

Last night, all the cats came a'visiting at one time or another. It was exhausting keeping Joan entertained and the two older girls went down for the count...

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Just wondering

Have you ever called up someone just to be nice and end up in a fight with them?

Did you ever think of some clever comeback to someone... the next morning?

Did you ever get all the way to the grocery store and not have the faintest idea what you needed?


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