November 3rd, 2019

Laura Petre

It's nuts, I tell you. Nuts!

So today is the time change here, falling back to reclaim the hour we lost last Spring. Yean, explain to twelve hungry cats that it's not time to eat. Like that's going to happen... Granted I prefer this to the Spring, but still. We voted to end it, but the bill hasn't even made it to Washington yet. They said maybe 2021... maybe...

We got all of Halloween packed away and taken back to the shed. It seems strange to have room in the study as there are only two plastic tubs left. They are for the leaf garlands and the soft items. We will take them over and exchange for Christmas stuff after Thanksgiving. My thought is to get the tree then before our tree lot runs out. It seems so early, but with only 27 days in between, it's smart of be thinking of such things now.

Have a great Sunday! I hope there is nothing more pressing on your schedule than some quiet time with family and/or friends. *hugs*
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Have you ever bought something, I mean, you KNOW you've bought it, and not been able to find it afterwards?

Would you prefer more light in the morning or at night?

Good weekend or are you ready for Monday?