December 2nd, 2019

minion purple

And here we are again...

And after the long weekend, having a nice quiet office to return to sort of nice. Araceli is off, Dennis will be teaching, so I'll see him for thirty minutes, tops. It'll just be Jenny and me for the most part... and paychecks. That works.

It was a very busy and yet very quiet weekend. All the 'big stuff' happens on Thursday and if you don't participate in Black Friday (and I don't), it's pretty much game over. We did get our tree and install it. The cats haven't really paid much mind to it, although I do find ornaments on the floor in the morning. The bottom ornaments are all either cloth or unbreakable, so I don't have to worry about them being playthings. And I don't have to always yell at the cats. Bonus!

Saturday we went out early to grocery shop and then came back and decorated the tree. TBG hung lights (inside) and we then made our Thanksgiving dinner. That basically consisted of a turkey breast, dressing (the muffins were a HUGE hit!!! Thank you cornerofmadness andevil_little_dog for suggesting them.

We watched way too much Harry Potter and I think there's something symbolic to decorating the tree to The Shining (original). Nothing says Christmas like a flood of blood from the elevator shaft.

The storm that they had been warning about hit and the mountain passes have been closed several times. There are nine ski resorts open and they are doing their happy dance as the rain/snow will be continuing through the week. We've picked up nearly an inch of rain, which is huge for us.

TBG is heading into his second week of vacation and he's already a little stir crazy... I'm hoping the weather will calm down so that he can do the lights outside. The man needs a project other than sitting and watching me. Once the gifts start arriving, I'll set him to wrapping. That's next week, though... With all the rain and icky weather we have this week, I'm not sure what to do with him. Yesterday, he vacuumed the entire house, including floorboards, and did laundry. I'm feeling a bit out sourced.

Here's hoping that everyone here has had a great weekend and needs a day at work to recover. Hugs and tally ho!