December 24th, 2019

Christmas Illya

A Christmas gift for Aathariel and the final 12 Fics of Christmas

Title: Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening
Genre: Man from UNCLE - slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3379
Prompt: vacation somewhere together where they find that there's just one bed; hypothermia; injured Illya during a mission gone wrong.

Aathariel, I hope you enjoy your Christmas gift and will have the jolliest of holidays! My thanks to sparky955 for her beta help and not always subtle suggestions. Link takes you to AO3

To everyone who has come along on this challenge, I truly appreciate all your prompts, comments, suggestions and help. I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Happiest of Holidays and remember to hold someone (no matter the leg count) you love tight. Merry Christmas!!!

Napoleon Solo struggled to keep their rental car on the ice-slicked road. “Some vacation this is turning out to be.” It had all started so well. It was their first Christmas together as a couple and Napoleon wanted it special.


“Is he in, Mandy?” Napoleon asked as he approached Mr. Waverly’s door.

“He is and he’s in a relatively good mood today, too.” She only glanced up for a brief moment and returned to her typing.

Napoleon knocked and when the door slid open, he entered and paused. Waverly was always seated at the console or the table working on something, but today he was in neither of those places.

“Yes, Mr. Solo, what can I do for you?” Mr. Waverly was actually sitting on the couch, a drink in hand.

“Sir, I was wondering if I might be able to take a week at Christmas this year.”

“What does Mr. Kuryakin have to say about this? He would have to take over.”
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just beware

It's nice to know that intolerance is alive and well in Fanfiction

wow, this Fanfiction review has me trembling in my boots! This was brought on by a mere kiss in Silent Night! What was I thinking?

anonymous:it's a shame that you can't get your mind out of the slashy/gay gutter even for Christmas

Hey, Anonymous, it's a shame that no one will ever see your comment.

No, my mind will never be out of the slashy/gay gutter. I would much rather be here with folks who love and accept than intolerant jerks like you.
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Just finished watching Krampus and I have to ask -

What's the scariest holiday(It doesn't have to be Christmas) movie you've ever seen?

Do you believe peace on earth, good will towards all people is more or less within our grasp?

Truthfully, would you want to wake up to discover someone had been in your house while you slept and left you stuff, but ate your cookies and drank your milk?