January 2nd, 2020

exhausted bunny

Well, that's a year well started

And with a deep breath, at least for this holiday-weary body, they are over. Today, once I get about two more cups of coffee, the undecorating starts. As much fun as they were, it's nice to have them over. My hat is off to those who continue the party through the weekend. The downstairs has been decorated since the middle of September. It's time to get things back to normal... or as close as normal gets here.

We had a lovely dinner last night and the boil was wonderful. There was chicken, sausage, corn, onions, potatoes, and shrimp all simmered perfectly. The nice part was that you could take as much or as little as you wanted, something our guests appreciated. We made sure that light was the theme, from the brie and smoked wiener bits in sauce to the crab and cucumber salad to the puff pastry dessert. It was a good menu. Best of all, no leftovers!

The cats behaved themselves wonderfully, always a plus. Pyewacket even played like a kitten, something that made everyone laugh. And certainly they will be so very helpful today as I'm packing stuff away.

TBG goes back to work today, something he is not looking forward to. He will miss his two daily naps and not having to wear his pants. To help out, I'm taking him to his favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. I'm off until Monday, but, likewise, I'm going to miss taking life a bit slower. Yup, it's time to retire.

Here's hoping that for everyone who is facing working today that it be easy and free of hassles. To everyone still celebrating, rock on, and me... I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee.
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

What was the last series (be it TV, movie, book) that you got hooked on?

When you get hooked by something, do you watch/read everything all at once, or parcel them out to make it last longer?

What series really surprised you by being really great (or really stinky)?