January 6th, 2020

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How is this even possible?

Last month January 6th seemed a lifetime away... and now here it is and back to work I go. It is not right to complain because the time off was much more than others had, yet the thought of going back to work is strangely unappealing.

I check with Social Security and it looks like my last work day will be August 5. I am doing my happy dance and beginning to this about how to arrange things. I am hoping to use combined sick leave and vacation time to leave even sooner than that, but it will depend upon how things play out. We have our big vacation in June, but it's only for two weeks. I already have vacation time saved up to cover most of that. The 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, so that won't cut into any time. If I stay healthy and there aren't any surprises, I might well be out the middle of July. So, *yay*!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to measure Fred for a lumberjack outfit because he's a lumberjack and he's okay, everyone, sing it with me!


The after holidays blahs are coming, so who's for a bit of fun?

I need something to think about on this long dull winter days, so I am offering up a writing challenge.

It's much like dining in a Chinese restaurant, you pick one from List A, one from List B and one from List C and I will try and cooking up something fun for you based on those choices. Can't guarantee they'll be serious, silly, scary or something in between, but it will be all yours.

The only rule is that you can't duplicate someone else's choice unless you clear it with me first. I'd like to cap this at ten, but I'm willing to negotiate. The genres I write in range from Man from UNCLE, Buffy, Sapphire & Steel, Addams Family, and Doctor Who, so it will be one of them and those characters.

List A (principle character) - 6,9
List B (secondary character) - 6, 8,9
List C (prompt) - 4,7,8

Once the choices have been taken, I will post the lists (and I swear to not make any changes to them). I will remove numbers as we go so there won't be any confusion.

So, you in?