January 12th, 2020

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A One from Column A fic for Ducky's Lady

Title: Sock it to Me
Genre: Man from UNCLE (Foothills) and Doctor Who
Rating: G
Word Count:1439
Prompt: Rocky, Jackie Tyler, a pair of socks

I hope you enjoy your little tale from Old Sacramento! My thanks to you and to Sparky for the beta.

There were many tasks that the Head Waiter from Taste liked to do. Rocky liked to dance, he loved making people happy, he adored making his partner laugh like a little kid, but he did not like sock shopping. It wasn’t so much the task itself, but rather the subject. For work, he had few options. They needed to be black and comfortable. However, in his non work hours, he preferred socks with a personality.

“What do you mean you have no ABBA socks?” he asked the clerk. The store literally sold nothing else. There were racks upon racks of socks, socks with cats, dogs, professional sports teams, points of interest, even cartoon characters, but no band-dedicated hosiery. His beloved Swedish band had no hosiery to its name.

“I’m sorry, man. Like I said last time, there just isn’t a market here.” At least the clerk tried to make it sound like he cared. “What else can I interest you in?”

“Nothing at the moment, thank you.” Rocky walked out and plopped down on a convenient bench by the shop’s entrance and picked up his stored drink. He had to let go his dark mood before going back in or, indeed, anywhere else. He was always aware that he was the one of the faces of Taste. If someone recognized him, and often they did, his conduct was reflective of his employer and he would do nothing to embarrass Matt or Illya.
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Hello, Sunday, old friend.

Always a joy to have you roll around again. We have nothing planned for today with the exception of making split pea soup for dinner. Just the way I like a Sunday.

We set to cleaning up the rest of the front garden yesterday and who should come strolling up as bold as brass but Mr. Ringtail. He looed none the worse for wear, so he's either hiding it well or it wasn't him. Either is possible. It was nice to have him back with us, though, and he ate well last night.

I tried another new recipe, Chicken with pomegranates and almonds, out of my much beloved Mexican cookbook. The sauce wasn't hard because I got pomegranate seeds already shucked (? Do you shuck them?). Anyhow, it was cooking them in water and brown sugar for fifteen minutes, then straining the juice. Of course, the seeds remained intact until TBG took a stick blender to them. Straining them through a fine sieve worked fine, but I think I will just use pomegranate juice next time.

The chicken was fried and removed, then you browned onions and garlic before adding cumin, coriander, cinnamon, a pinch of chili powder, sweet paprika and flour. Then you returned the chicken, added chicken broth and the juice, then cooked for fifteen minutes. At the end, you added almond, pomegranate seeds and cilantro. So yummy! I served it with pasta (TBG's choice) and corn on the cob (dusted with sweet paprika, chili powder and salt after the butter). It was very yummy and that easy.

The highpoint of the day was having a nice chat with Wendy, our GD. We want to surprise Rose(her mom) with something on the ship, but we didn't know exactly what. She turns 60 on our second day out and we wanted to do something special. Mike said a massage, but Wendy said her mom is deeply conscious about her body after all her surgeries and wouldn't be comfortable disrobing for anyone. We settled on something called a Fire and Ice manicure and pedicure. I hope she likes it and it's so much cheaper that I am going to ordered a special cake for her, too. We also talked about excursions and whatnot. It was fun to get her feedback and insights. Her dad has a hard time walking because of a bad hip, so we didn't want to get anything too strenuous for him. She was invaluable.

Breakfast is looming (O'Brien potatoes, mango sausage and eggs) and TBG just got up, so I'd best get along now.