January 13th, 2020

Annoyed Napoleon

Oh, Monday, shoot me now...

It doesn't always have to be a Friday for it to be the 13th all day long.

The morning didn't start out badly, but on the way to taking TBG to work this morning, I nearly hit a cat. Then on the wayhome, I saw a horrific accident. They were scraping someone off the road. Perhaps that was the Fates letting me know that the morning could have been much worse if they so chose it to be.

Work was quiet, but there has been a steady supply of stuff to do, not a bad thing, so it's time to take the deposits to the bank. Some guy nearly sideswipes me in a rush to cut into traffic in front of me. Yeah... then as I'm walking in the door at lunch, the phone is ringing. Sadly, the alarm takes precedence over it,but I managed to grab it before they hung up. It was my doc letting me know that my blood tests were all fine with the exception of my liver enzymes being up. I have a fatty liver (to go along with all the other fatty parts of me). She isn't worried, but said that perhaps losing a little weight wouldn't be a bad thing. Sigh... she's right, of course... but another soemthing I really didn't want to hear on a Monday.

After a fast lunch, I decided to jump into the shower and then came down the stairs on my way back to work, only to discover that one of the kids had had a 'cling on.' I stepped in it and spread poop all over my stairs. Sigh...

C'mon, Monday, cut me some slack!!!