January 16th, 2020

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For verucas_chaos A Sapphire & Steel/Addams Family One from Column A fic

Title: Lost and Found
Genre:Sapphire & Steel/Addams Family
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1451
Prompt- Steel, Wednesday Addams, a stuffed toy

Thank you, verucas_chaos for a challenging prompt and to sparky955 for her input and beta help.

Sapphire, do you hear that? Steel pushed aside an overgrown bush and frowned, trying vainly to hear more clearly, but only the wind whispered by. He looked towards the bent and twisted remains of a buidling.

Hear what, Steel?

A sort of crying… a small child, perhaps.
Just once he’d love to have a normal assignment that didn’t deal with ghosts or things that went bump in the night. I am going into a building to check. You should continue to search. Time is here and determined to rewrite Reality. I will let you know what I find.

Very well. Be careful, Steel. We don’t know what Time is really up to here.

I will. You do the same. Use the status loop if you need to.

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Just when you think it can get any stranger at work.

I rolled up this morning and saw that our hose had been uncoiled and water was trickling from it. There was a pile of sopping wet clothes and a well-worn copy of Jack off magazine. (Yes, it really is real. Two young ladies were doing things to each other that seemed a bit *um* extreme.).

This is the second time this week that someone, we are assuming a homeless person, has done this. Now the hose bib is broken and the faucet leaks... guess who's paying for that water? Yeah, we aren't happy. It's not supposed to be able to be turned on without the top of the faucet, but they are getting it turned on and who knows what they are doing with it. It's not like its summer here. We are dropping into the 30's at night. Sigh...

We are supposed to have some massive storm coming in. It was supposed to be here at 7... No, 8, definitely by 10. It's after 10 and still bone dry outside. However, there is a stiff wind blowing, so I'm hoping there will be some avocados down when I go home for lunch.

What a bizarre week this has been...
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

The phone rings and when you answer, they say, "We need you" and then they hang up. What would you do?

After you die, you learn that the Grim Reaper is holding a scythe not to harvest you, it's to protect you. What is is protecting you from?

You are going to write a book based upon all the texts you received last year, what would you call it?