January 24th, 2020


Thespian, I've made you wait so long for this - One from Column A

Title: Up the Down Staircase
Genre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sapphire and Steel
Rating: PG
Word count: 1617
Prompt: Spike, Lead, a flight of stairs

thespian15, I hope you enjoy your little tale and my thanks to sparky955, as always.

Lead is played by Val Pringle and was Steel's other partner, his protective coating, as it were. Lead also delighted in Sapphire's cooking and seemed more a jovial, friendly giant than a dangerous member of the Sapphire & Steel team.

He was feeling puckish and Spike didn’t like it at all. There was a gnawing feeling in his stomach that told him it had been far too long since he’d eaten something… someone… he smirked at the thought.

It was easy to blend in with the punk scene in London. People didn’t even give his appearance a second glance and it was as if people just offered themselves up as willing victims. Indeed, these days, it was harder to pick his prey than to find someone. He could remember that back in his time, it was harder to approach people without them getting all nervous, especially women and they always had an escort.

A large shape crossed his line of vision and Spike paused. It was a large target, so much better than the waif-like women he’d seen earlier in the evening. Great fun to terrorize, but there wasn’t much meat on their bones. That meant not as much blood. The last thing he needed now was an anemic milkshake.

He walked quietly behind his target, watching him as he paused before a rusted metal gate and then pushed his way in. The iron protested, but it was drowned out by nearby traffic.
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