January 26th, 2020

clan urquhart

This doesn't happen often and I missed it...

Yesterday was the start of Chinese New Year, but it was also Robert Burns Night.

Some of my best memories are of attending Robert Burns ( knew him as Rabbie Burns) dinners. I loved the food, yes, even the haggis, which I ate without knowing the ingredients. By the time I found out about them years later, I didn't care.

So, let's tip a glass of (late) kindness to a gifted poet who brought us such treasures as Comin Thro the Rye, Ode to a Louse, and, of course, Auld Lang Syne

I wonder if I have any canned haggis left...
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Guess what I got this weekend?

Yup, my first daffodil bouquet. They don't last very long inside, but outside they get picked like crazy. At least this way I get to enjoy them.

After a very gray and foggy day yesterday, today is glorious. The rain that started the day moved on and this afternoon has been sunny and warm. It’s about 68 at the moment and these temperatures are staying with us for the week (after a slight dip on Tuesday). I’m not hating it at all, although I do miss my fires in the evening. I am taking advantage of the warmer weather and have the windows open to air out upstairs. It gets so stuffy up there, especially in the bedroom. Of course, this is kicking up my allergies, but good with the bad. At least my pain is staying away. Still! :D

Started working on taxes today, mostly getting stuff arranged and gathered together. I will get my W-2 tomorrow with my paycheck and TBG will get his electronically. Now we just have to wait for the banks to get their act together. Usually they drag their feet until the end of February. Sigh. At least we have everything done and mailed at work. I used to sweat all those 1099s so much, but now all I have to do is put postage on the envelopes. The accountant takes care of everything else. Such a relief.

Otherwise, I made some bread this morning, mostly just because I wanted some and tonight I am doing rosemary scones to go with our potato and fennel soup. Both are new recipes, so I’m excited to see how they turn out. TBG is pushing just using the bread instead and making compound rosemary butter to put on the bread. We will see what happens.

I hope everyone has had a lovely a weekend as we’ve had. It’s been one full of naps, friends, good food and a lot of Monty Python. Thank you BBS-America!
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Just wondering

It's getting to be that time of the year again - you know what I mean, tax season!

Have you even thought about getting ready for taxes yet?

Do you do them yourself with the help of a tax program or do you get a professional to take care of them for you?

When (and if) you get a refund, do you have any plans for it?