January 30th, 2020


A 'One from Column A' tale for Gevr

Title: Now You're Cooking
Genre: Sapphire and Steel, Man from UNCLE (Foothills)
Rating: G
Word count 1180
Prompt: Sapphire, Matt Tovay, a cook book

gevr, I hope you enjoy your little tale and my thanks, as always, to my beta, sparky955

It wasn’t often that an Element had a day off. Usually they were kept very busy by the ones in charge and it wasn’t like they were human, not really. While they could assumed human form and could enjoy the many pleasures open to people, Sapphire had to admit there were many experiences she didn’t wish to encounter. Pain, heartbreak, and suffering were very low on her list.

Very high upon her list was finding a new cookbook. Lead was fun to cook for and she enjoyed it, but her repertoire was limited. Steel, when he did eat, didn’t seem to pay much attention to the food. His mind always was elsewhere, grappling with an assignment, be it old or new.

She slipped one book from the shelf and read the cover, The Joy of Cooking. It was very thick and seemed very concise. She flipped through the pages and frowned slightly.

“Do you cook a lot?” She glanced at the speaker, a thin, red-haired man, and smiled. His voice had a pronounced Italian accent and there was an openness to his face that she immediately liked.Collapse )