February 4th, 2020

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A One from Column A for Meneleth

Title: Paid in Full
Genre: Man from UNCLE, Working Stiffs
Rating: PG
Word Count:1597
Prompt- Napoleon, Miss Summers (from the Working Stiffs story Pay Up), a fallen picture frame

meneleth, I hope that this will measure up to your request! I hope you enjoy it. My thanks as always to sparky955!

My mamma always taught me that you took measure of a person not by what they say, but how they act. I took that to heart as both a child and as an adult. While it was true that I wasn’t the smartest, the prettiest, or the funniest, I tried to act from the heart and mean what I said and did. I did my job, I didn’t tell tales out of school and I was the best person I could be.

And it drew people to me like moths to a flame. When they learned I knew how to keep my mouth shut, everyone seemed to want to share their secrets with me whether or not I wanted them to. Mostly in school, I just wanted to study and get good grades, but you wouldn’t know it the way people flocked to me.

Same thing ended up being true at work. I went to work for a good company that pays me a decent wage. And because I was good with numbers, I went into accounting and ended up working in payroll. I became one of the few folks who knew how much people made and thank to Mamma, I kept my mouth shut about it. My bosses appreciated that, but again, it was like I was coated with honey and surrounded by hungry bears.</p>Collapse )
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Did you have a doll house growing up?

Have you every owned a set of military dogtags?

When was the last time you wadded up a piece of paper and tossed it into a wastebasket just to have something to do?