February 19th, 2020


Not happy

Apparently some slug got a hold of my hubby's credit card info and went on a spending spree. He hadn't checked his charge history for a few weeks and when he did, he discovered a ton of charges from Walgreen on line and some holistic cosemetic company. needless to say, he froze the card and is contesting the charges since we have never shopped with either site. What is most annoying is that it was his card. He's so careful and paranoid with it. This is going to make him even worse...
minion whaaa?

What? What?

I went outside this morning to feed the cats and noticed that something looked odd in the garden. it took me a minute, but I realized that one of my pots had broken. it seemed weird, but I figured it was something to check out later in the daylight.

Not one, but two pots had been broken on one side (both sides facing each other), a mess of my plants had been crushed, and a sprinkler head had snapped off. It looks like something heavy fell - a person? It sure wasn't a cat fight (no fur). I have no idea what happened. Thankfully, my little 'Christmas' tree is fine and the sprinkler can be easily repaired, but WTF?

I wonder what's next...