February 27th, 2020

minion fruit

A run down post...

Wanted to follow up on a few things that I've mentioned over the past few weeks.

Thankfully, there have been no more threats to cats that we can tell. It was an isolated incident, but I was impressed with the way Management stepped up. They even put a second security guard on full time.

Sadly, I fear the worst for poor little Bullet. Either he has been killed or been 'moved' to another pack by our outside guys. His shadow, a long haired grey kitty of the same age has also vanished, so my hope is that they moved to another area. We have several groups in the complex that are watched over by folks here.

I seem to be feeling much better today, but I'm still being aggressive with the cranberry pills and water. I've cut my medication in half and feel normal. Here's hoping.

Everything is on time and within budget for the app dinner party this weekend. I'm getting excited. :D

Is there anything else I've missed?