February 29th, 2020

minion chef

And the cooking, she has started.

I can’t believe how well the prep is going for this party. I set up a table in the kitchen (why I never thought of this before is a mystery). All the plates are lined up and listed, so there’s no last minute panic.

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All the shopping took less than a half hour, thanks to the efforts I put in earlier in the week. The one thing I didn't buy (because I couldnt' find any) was ground pork, but then we found a half pound in the freezer. Exellent!

Yesterday we had leisurely prep of the soup (which is just this side of incredible, if I do say so myself), the shrimp, and the pork laub.

I am going to prep the pork tenderloin this morning after wee get back from our regular breakfst out and shopping, then I will just reheat it in its reduction.

The biggest thing we have to deal with is soaking the farro for 1 ½ hours and then cooking it for another thirty minutes. Oh, an setting the table, which is TBG's shot this time. he has a particular look he wants. So far this has gone down as easiest dinner party ever.