March 2nd, 2020

Napoleon Yeah, right

Yay... Monday

At least the good part is that Araceli is back home, safe and sound. She'd been away for two week, arranging her aunt's funeral in Mexico. At least she has something to do today. Jenny and me, not so much. Even with the SCT Jr. apps going on line today, it's still quiet as a tomb in the office.

So, we are passing time as best as we can. It was Araceli's birthday last week, so I'm taking out to lunch today. That will be a nice break and perhaps it will improve my knuckle dragging, face ripping off mood that I've been in since getting up.

You'd think once you hit menopause, the mood swungs would be better... not so much.
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Do you enjoyed 'fractured' fairytales (A fractured fairytales presents your favorite childhood stories with a silly modern twist - according to Bing)?

Are you fond of regular fairytales?

Have you ever read the original Grimes fairytales or a more pasturized version?