March 13th, 2020


The Friday Five for March 13/Just wondering

1. If you could build a dream house, what rooms would it have?
2. What is the best dessert in the world?
3. What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?
4. What is your favorite time of day?
5. What relaxes you more than anything else?

1.It would most certainly have all the normal rooms, plus a nice size pantry, a library, and a pool room (complete with pool, of course)

2. I can’t really answer that because I haven’t had all the desserts in the world. I am partial to Grand Marnier souffles, though.

3. Depends upon where the vacation is. If we are in the tropics, swimming and relaxing on the beach. If it’s a cruise, being on a fun excursion or just relaxing on our balcony. A trip to Hawaii, and it’s chilling by the volcano.

4. About four o’clock in the morning. It’s quiet, the cats have been fed and have gone to sleep and it’s my time to do as I will.

5. A nice glass of wine, a sea day and the ocean slipping by.