March 18th, 2020

minion whaaa?

This should be interesting...

It's official - the front office is 'working from home' until next month. Since most of my work involves incoming phone calls, filing, correspondence, and stuff generated by the other folks, it should be interesting for me. I'm planning on going in for a couple of hours every other day or so, just to keep the office 'lived in' and the answering machines handled. I have an eight page list of our season ticket holders whom I have been calling to let them know we are delaying August Osage County, so that will keep me busy for the rest of the week.

Barb came to dinner last night and it was interesting to hear what she had to say about the board and whatnot. She cancelled the next Artistic Committee meeting and is just trying to keep very positive. Jeff called during dinner and we all chatted with him. He is self isolating, but I had the feeling he'd have much rather been with us.

The next few weeks will be a real test of our marriage. With both of us working from home and not much to do otherwise, it's going to bring a whole new meaning to till death do us part. I'm sure, however, that the cats will love it.

Stay safe out there!