March 20th, 2020

happy steel

Well, that's done it.

The Governor came on last night and locked down everything. Barb called this morning and cancelled our dinner together. We were both expecting it. She seemed like she wanted me to shout at her and get angry that she was scared, but I just couldn't. Guess it's just me and TBG (and the cats, of course) now.

She wanted to know what I was going to do today and I told her the same thing I do every Friday - clean. Today I have taken many of my cabinet apart and given them a good cleaning. I've washed everything and have wrapped the rarely used pieces in cellophane. Not only does it keep them clean, it keeps them together in a stack.
I also got my wine shipment *yay* and have finished up my latest writing project. In short, today is about the same as most of my Fridays with the exception of TBG being home.

I hope things are going okay for everyone out there. Keep safe!
Minion Banana3

The Friday Five/Just Wondering for March 20, 2020

C’mon, get happy. Goddess knows we could all use a little happiness at the moment, so with that thought in mind?

1. What flower makes you the happiest when you see it?
2. What song always makes you feel better?
3. Do you enjoy making people laugh or are you more afraid of them laughing at you?
4. Have you ever been called ‘The Life of the Party’ and for good reason?
5. Do tee shirts and bumper stickers make you laugh?

1. Sunflowers - I just love them to bits. They are like having a little bit of sunshine on a stem. :D

2. While my friends might think I would say something from ABBA, it would have to be In the Mood. I have loved it ever since I danced to it with my Aunt Norma. Even today, just hearing it brings back floods of happy memories.

3. I adore it and I honestly don't care if they are laughing at me. As long as people are laughing, that's the biggie in my life. :D

4. Well, there have been a couple of times... let's just say it involved a lot of alcohol and some very silly board games. :P

5. Yes, probably too much for my own good especially the very clever ones.