March 24th, 2020


One Night in a Cemetery - for Wiseheart

Title: One Night in a Cemetery
Genre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Word count: 1307
Prompt: "You are pathetic."

My thanks to wiseheart for her prompt and to sparky955 for the beta.

It was a night like many others in Sunnydale. Spike wandered through the cemetery on his way home to his crypt. He could hear bodies shifting beneath the ground, waking from their sleep, anxious to be out and on the hunt.

Spike watched a new vampire struggling from her grave and just as she was ready to stand and take on the world, the Slayer staked her.

"You are pathetic," Spike muttered to the shower of ash as it returned to the grave. “Serves you right.” Any vampire worth their weight in blood knew what the Slayer smelled like. Without revealing himself, he watched her stake two more in quick succession. Again, he shook his head.

“Oh, well, more for me, then…” He took one final drag on his cigarette and tossed it into the newly-opened grave. Spike smiled in appreciation as he studied her tight, lithe figure as Buffy fought with the last vampire. He knew she was only delaying the inevitable, like a cat playing with a mouse. The smoke trickled out his nose without his notice.

Another shower of ash and Buffy turned to leave. Spike nearly called out to her, but given their current situation, perhaps discretion was the better part of—
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Annoyed Napoleon

Well, okay, then.

I spoke with our board president and have pretty much been barred from going into the office except to pick up my paycheck and only that. I even had to text Dennis to find out where it was. She was adamant that I not 'do stuff' while I was there. Since I'm the resident 'old fart' and get colds on a regular basis I know she is worried about my health. It feels weird, though. Now I want to go in and touch everything... :P So, I guess it really will be pretty much a four-week vacation now...