March 26th, 2020

Laura Petre

Everything's coming up... nuts?

It's amazing how easy it is to settle into a new routine. Just a week after our 'shut down,' people seem to have gotten into one. What was first eerie is now peaceful. You can even hear the birds again.

We went to Walmart yesterday. Saw a few masks and gloves, but for the most part, people seemed content wiping down their carts. We picked up cherry tomatoes, a bag of potatoes, the bubbly sweet water TBG is so fond of, a BIG bag of cat food, a couple boxes of wet foot and while he was checking out the fire logs (they didn't have any Duraflames - alas), I found all the fabric I needed for my next big quilting project. I was overjoyed. Didn't check out the TP situation, but I saw people with packs of it in their shopping cart. Cleaning supplies were down, but if you weren't choosy, there was anything you needed.

After that, we decided to stop by Home Depot. Because of the contractors still on the job, it is staying open. It shares a parking lot with In N Out Hamburgers and that line stretched all the way back to the freeway, then it snaked through their parking lot. They aren't losing any business!

Home Depot was pretty busy, too, for a weekday. I got a new pot to replace the one that the palm shattered (too big for its britches), some marigolds and two new hanging plants. My hope is to replant everything today, along with getting some seeds in the ground. We'll see.

Work wise, well, I've gotten the new list for next year's sustaining members all ready. I've verified names against my call sheet, so it's looking good. I've exchanged e mails or texts with everyone (and they me), so I'm not feeling quite so left out.

Jeff is happy as his daughters are coming today and staying through Tuesday. Barb is grumpy and complains that the governor is over-reacting and everything is fine. So far our county of 745,000+ has 66 cases and none of those are in Stockton. It does seem like we are over-reacting, but it's not our call to make. The more the Governor talks, the more respect I have for him. He definitely was the right man for the job.

I hope everyone out there is holding it together. *hugs*
happy steel

For Nakeisha - a little Sapphire and Steel

Title: One for the Gipper
Genre: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: G
Word Count: 812
Prompt: "You want me to do what?"

nakeisha, I hope you like what I did with your prompt. I thought it was fun! My thanks to you and sparky955 for her beta

"You want me to do what?" Steel spun around on his heel and glared at his partner. For her part, Sapphire was immune to the daggers being sent in her direction. She merely smiled benignly.

“It wouldn’t be hard or take very long and it would be the easiest way for us to integrate with their community.”

“I don’t want to integrate. I am an Elemental.”

“You’re also stubborn… and just a little scary.”

“Just a little? I shall have to work upon that.”

“Steel, it would make my job so much easier and the assignment would go that much faster.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“Don’t or can’t?”
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Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

Do you have access to any sort of garden space?

Have you thought about what sorts of flowers/veg/herbs you want to grow this summer?

When do you usually get stuff in the ground (my dad would never plant before Memorial Day)?