March 28th, 2020

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Snatched from meathiel

Last time I traveled abroad: November 2018 Venice to Rome cruise

Last time I slept in a hotel: Feb. 13 -15, 2020 in Fort Bragg

Last time I flew in an airplane: May 20 – 30 2019 to Orlando Florida

Last time I took a train: In years ago. I don’t remember

Last time I took public transit: some time in 2017, I think

Last time I had a house guest: to stay overnight? Years and years.

Last time I got my hair cut: Feb 21, 2020

Last time I went to the movies: Tales of Princess Kaguya – Dec 2019

Last time I went to the theatre: March 17 – I work in one.

Last time I went to a concert: sometime in 2009, I think

Last time I went to an art museum: May 2019

Last time I sat down in a restaurant: March 20, 2020

Last time I went to a party: Feb 29, 2020

Last time I played a board game with more than two people: July 2018

Last time I went to the office: March 24th, 2020
Thoughtful David McCallum

A Just Wondering for the senses

What is the softest thing you've ever touched?

When you close your eyes and let your mind wander, what image do you see?

What is a taste from your childhood that you can still taste?

What is the prettiest sound you've ever heard?

What smell immediately transport you to a happy time?