March 29th, 2020


Taking a lead from Curiouswombat

Her daughter was to have been married this weekend, but with the latest craziness, it was not to be. To let the couple know that they were in the thoughts and hearts of other, friends and neighbors raised a glass to them in support, took a photo and posted it.

I thought that might be a good idea here. A lot of us are scared, worried, concerned about the future and feeling a little bit isolated, so my invitation - let's let everyone know that we are a family, strong, supportive and together in this.

Today raise a glass of your favorite beverage and snap a photo (it can be headless if privacy is an issue), then post it here or in your journal with the tag: here's to us

So, what do you say? Bottom's up?


For Evil Little Dog - some one sentence fun

Title: One to Grow on
Genre: Addams Family
Rating: PG
Word Count: 722
Prompt: “And then, the cake exploded."

My thanks to evil_little_dog for her great prompt and to my beloved beta, sparky955

Morticia Addams daintily cut the blossom off the rose and watched as it dropped into the trash can, joining its sisters. Why anyone would want to destroy all these beautiful thorns with those gaudy blooms were beyond her ability to fathom.

“A masterpiece!” Gomez came up behind her and slipped his arms around her narrow waist. “You are a genius.”

Morticia smiled, her happiness making her face light up like the surface of the moon. “Darling, I have done nothing but encourage their inner beauty.” She tilted her head slightly and Gomez attacked her pale neck with a myriad of kisses and light nips.

“Cara, you make my blood boil with passion.” He spun her in his arms and would have taken her then and there if Fester hadn’t entered and started giggling.

“Passion tonight, my fiery prince. Fester now.” Morticia’s eyes promised fire and torment, everything that made love truly worth it.
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