April 19th, 2020

cat in tulips

Just when you think things can’t get any stranger

We had a call from SCT last night, which we both slept through for one reason or another. I waited for TBG to get up this morning before heading out, just in case. Grabbing a flashlight, we headed over to the theatre. Nothing in the front office, but the rear display panel showed that the motion detector in the theatre had been triggered. I went in and turned on the lights and that’s when TBG heard the meow.

Up walked a very friendly, very fat brown tabby. No idea how she got into the theatre, although I suspect that she came in when Val stopped by to feed the outside shop cat. This is obviously someone’s pet that decided it needed to go on an adventure. She meowed and purred like crazy as I picked her up and took her out of the auditorium.

I stayed and visited with her while TBG went how and got some food for her. We gave her food and put her out back of the theatre. She decided that it was more important to eat than get pets at that point. Hopefully, someone will be looking for her soon. She’s too friendly and is obviously an inside cat. With any luck, she will find her way home soon. If not, then I guess we have another kitty at work…
goofy kitty

good to know

Apparently, her name is Sunny and she comes to visit all the time. Val knew all about her and said that she lives close, but likes to visit. *Phew* :D

Other good news, Fingers crossed, but we have a new cruise booked for December. Hopefully it will come to pass. This one will be in New Zealand. We even have the same cabin.