July 12th, 2020

minion Bananas!

Freedom at last

Well, within our current parameters, at least. Irene's test came back negative. We don't have to do another week of quarantine. So happy. I didn't realize how worried I was about it until I wasn't.

We did a mess of cooking yesterday so we don't have to heat up the house as much today. Tomorrow we are back down into the 90's and I'm going to roast a chicken when I make breakfast. That should still be early enough to give the house a chance to cook off.

Other than another blistering hot day (105) and a lousy night of horrific nightmares, not much new is happening here. Stay cool, everyone!
Minion Banana3

Grabbed from Duckys_lady

Family Feud! Time for a distraction... sooooo.... just for fun....Let's play Family Feud! You CANNOT use my answers. Ducky's answers are in parenthesis. Your answers MUST be different.
Ok here we go 🤣

1. Something you can fill with air? A balloon (tire)

2. Something you can buy that costs a dollar or less? a can of cat food (water)

3. Something people do in a park? Picnic (Walk)

4. Name something people cut? Grass (hair)

5. Something people are afraid of? Spiders (the unknown)

6. Name something that goes up and down? an elevator (the stock market)

7. Name something you don't learn in school? common sense (right and wrong)

8. Name a reason a person wakes up at 2am? A snoring partner (to go to the bathroom)

9. Something you can plug in? Coffee pot (headphones)

10. Name a fruit you might eat in the morning? Banana! (blueberries)