September 3rd, 2020

minion purple

Haven't done an update

lately, mostly because nothing is going on.

Finally, it would seem that we have shaken the smoke, at least here. We were able to open up the windows last night. It won't last for long because we are headed into a heatwave from Saturday to Tuesday with temperatures up to 109 F 42.7 C forecasted. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep people inside and safe as opposed to out partying this long weekend (Monday is Labor Day).

TBG took the huge step of bringing some boxes home from our storage shed to go through and discard stuff. He has to be in a certain mood to toss things, so I'm quietly encouraging and hoping for the best. If we can get rid of the VHS and Beta tapes, then we can get rid of the machines (yes, we still have two of each, along with two DVD/Blu Ray players). If we get rid of them, we might be able to rearrange some stuff in the living room. We will just have to see what happens.

Mostly, I've been quilting and doing chores. It's a wild and heady thing to have enough time for both. Not many projects need to be doing anymore. It's rather nice to be caught up. We got some marigolds to start for Halloween and it was a delight to be able to plant them the same day as getting them.

Our sidewalk is done and everything is back to rights. We've had to scrap our old gate (which was rotting away on the bottom, so good timing) and TBG wants to engineer a screen to put in front of our patio opening for when we want it closed. Granted, these days that's not very often. The feral cats have settled down and there's even a new face. Remember that litter of kittens from June? Only one remains, the tortie, and it has joined my gang in the front. It's a struggle to make sure it's getting enough to eat, but it seems to be doing okay for the moment.

And the party rages on...