September 6th, 2020

Laura Petre

It seems like yesterday.

Forty years ago, we stood in front of family and friends and exchanged vows. It doesn't seem possible at times and yet I've only to look in the mirror to see that time has, indeed, passed. We aren't doing much of anything because of the heat (predicted 112 today), the smoke (from yet another fire - the air stinks and is currently in the unhealthy range) and CV. We had intended to celebrate on our cruise, but we know how that went.

The day will be low key and inside. I'm glad we planted yet more marigolds yesterday when the air was still okay. We did our weekly shopping, so there's no reason to be out, although I'm sure TBG will think of something. He gets itchy if he can't leave the house for a bit. He'd never have made it through the winters in Vermont.

I guess my retirement is now officially official. I got my first check from CalPERS. It was direct deposited... it felt weird not going to the bank with paycheck in hand, but considering the mess the banks are here, it's okay by me.

The decoration tubs are slowly being opened and go through. The cats are celebrating. Last night Bête Noir had a little 'paper lantern' flower off one of the strands and was having the time of her life with it. Now she's sleeping in front of the fan (it's already in the 70's - high for us in the morning). It's nice to be able to take my time as opposed to the mad dash.

I hope today is a good one for everybody out there! Give yourself a hug for me.
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This comes from Sallymn's journal

I don't usually do memes, but this question made me laugh

Your rescue team in the coming zombie apocalypse is the cast of the last tv show you watched. How screwed are you?(from the Not Quite the 365 Day Meme... September 5)

The last show I watched was an episode of Are You Being Served? I am so screwed, but I'll die laughing...
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Just wondering

Do you tend to hold onto something for years, then toss it only to find you need it sudenly? What was it?d

Are you bored at the moment?

Have you ever tried any of those ingredients and recipe kits, Blue Apron? If so, what did you think and if not, would you if someone gave you a couple of months free?