October 3rd, 2020

too much candy

How is this even possible?

Where has the week gone? Nothing! I did nothing and still the time flies. It doesn't seem possible that we are into October already. Of course, the weather is still like August, so that might be part of the trouble. Today our high is going to be 99 and our skies are still thick with smoke. There is no wind and the smoke has settled upon the valley, much like it does in the winter (boy, am I excited about that - not).

One of the nice things that happened this week is that we moved up the scale to the next level of re-opening. We are now red with our eye on orange (how appropriate for October). This means restaurants can open to 25% of capacity. Last night we got to dine in (our lungs were happy) and have a fabulous meal at The Kitchen at Stonebriar. My lamb was incredible, tender and flavorful, and TBG reported the same with his steak. It felt so nice to eat inside (first time since June). Here's hoping we can continue to improve.

Our GD turns 28 today and what a lovely young lady she has grown into. She still lives with her parents. She said that they took care of her and now it's her turn to take care of them. She does all the cooking and yardwork while working fulltime as a financial analyst. I am so delighted that she is part of our life and her ours. I couldn't imagine life without her.

And now, I am going to get some lunch started while TBG works on re-roping the cat pole.

Stay safe, stay well and be happy. *hugs*