October 10th, 2020


As if Paradise wasn't enough...

This from the LA Times:

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said California investigators were looking at its equipment as a possible cause of a fire (Zog) that killed four people and burned more than 56,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the northern part of the state.

The company emerged from bankruptcy this summer, having agreed to pay $25.5 billion to settle damage claims from a series of deadly fires blamed on its equipment. It also pleaded guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter over the 2018 Camp fire in Northern California, the deadliest corporate crime in U.S. history.

And this was after they'd cut the power in the foothills, in some cases for days and had rolling blackouts in other parts - which they applied without warning. I am so over this company, but it's got a monopoly in this area. Aaarrgghh!!!
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Haven't done an update lately

It's amazing how a week can go by and I'm left wondering exactly where it went and what I did. Must have done something besides eating, sleeping, and housework. At least the air was better this week and we were able to have lunch with Jeff.

Then last night we actually sat inside a restaurant and had dinner. It was a little weird feeling. Thankfully, the restaurant, a small Japanese place, was doing a good business. The owner, Jenny, said that they were holding on, but not if there's another shut down. We are hoping that we won't slip back into the purple zone again.

Barb was on her anti-mask horse last night, but we just ignored it. She keeps telling us we mustn't be afraid and that we need to get out there and experience life. I'm careful and we do what we've always done as far as daily routines, but always safely. She has gotten it into her head that she's bulletproof. I hope it doesn't end badly for her as she is really starting to ramp up her exposure. Plus, as I mentioned before no more purple for me...

Yesterday I got my hair cut and Paula revealed that her sister had, indeed, gotten one of Home Depot's 12 foot skeletons. She was posing with it on her front porch. I like Halloween just fine, but that's a bit much for me. She plans to keep it out year around and decorate with the appropriate costumes. Yeah... those hill folks are just plain crazy. :D

The cats haven't had a good week. When we moved to this complex, we were taken with its 'hook' - it was called Venetian Bridges and many of the apartment sat facing canals. There were fountains and wildlife. Every so often there was a lovely arched bridge... Then the water started playing havoc with the building foundations and the decision was made to get rid of the canals. They put in wide grassy swales. That was about ten years. They aren't as nice as the canals, but okay... then this week, they got rid of all the bridges. Guess we are Venetian Bridge in name only now... I miss my canal...

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TBG started his paperwork for retirement. He retires officially on Dec. 31st, but has to burn through a mess of vacation days, so his last work day is Nov.13 - Friday the 13th... I hope that's not an omen. He's not happy, but had at least accepted it. I've been trying to stress to him how much I enjoy being retired. No dice. He still thinks we'll be living in a refrigerator box by the end of January. Sigh... I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter.

We are having a couple cool days, but the weather gods are just playing with us. We'll be back in the 90's by Wednesday. It's like the summer that never ends...

Stay safe, stay sane and remember to laugh just a little.
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Just wondering

Your name is James sir Benson-mum? How odd.

My father's name, sir

Your father's name was James sir Benson-mum?

Please, Dickie, I'm getting a headache...

Murder by Death

What's the oddest thing you like to read o a regular basis?

What's the oddest thing you've ever collected (to date)?

What's the oddest museum you've ever been to?