January 16th, 2021

Annoyed Napoleon

Well, that's done it...

Yesterday, TBG decided to ask in the front office if they cleaned dryer ducts. They did and did a great job cleaning ours out. What about the inside one? Val showed up with our property manager in tow. You never saw anyone get rid of pee mats faster in your life. Thankfully there was just one in the hallway and thanks to the norens we have in all the doorways, you can't see inside the rooms. We'd been cleaning the place, since Barb was coming, so at least it smelled good (that and I made brownies for dessert). Two of the cats were in the bedroom and I closed the door. The other three headed outside, so they weren't around. Josh, Val and TBG moved the dryer and it was cleaned out.

Yay... except Josh took the time to tell us that they would be started demolition on our unit's patios and balcony on Wednesday, the windows, sandblasting, re-stuccoing and painting. thankfully, we had already started working on the front garden so that it could handle all the pots from the back porch and the window boxes. We are going to have to remove the bougainvillea plant and the gingers. I knew it was coming, but I'm just not ready, especially since the end date is March 20! Two months? Worse, the cat have to stay in while all of this is happened. I am so worry about how they will take all the noise. Hell, I'm worried about how we will take all the noise. I will need to take photos for a series of 'before' shots.

I was amused that the NRA filed for bankruptcy. I'm all for responsible gun owning, but those guys weren't in it for that. They were in it for the money and influence.