January 23rd, 2021

Minions BeeBo

The World According to SG

It’s been a heck of a week. Everything is coming down around our ears, although that’s merely part of the planned demolition. Thankfully, we appear to have a week of rain ahead for us – although I will believe it when I see it – so there won’t be any work done then.

Our front patio is now wall-less and the cats, along with the cockroaches, have no idea what to do. They are running around all confused, but still manage to show up for breakfast and dinner (the cats, not the cockroaches). The villas on the ends have no walls at all, but our upper deck is still in place.

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In the meantime, we do our best. The inauguration this week was hopeful, but there is still much work to be done. I hope the unity that was spoken of that day will be evident in the weeks and months to come.

Last night we had a crab feed. Okay it was just the three of us and there were no silent auction items or raffle gifts, but it was still fun and the crab was fabulous. We ate, seemingly, for hours and still didn’t finish. I have enough to make crab cakes for an app tonight.

And now for some photos:
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