January 25th, 2021


The six word challenge.

Six words – what can you make of them? You have up to 100 words and a week to figure that out. It can take the shape of a poem, prose, a drabble or even just a sentence - anything you want. Be silly, creative, and have some fun! I'll check back on Friday to see how we did.


A new Foothills story

Title: Enchanted Neighborhood
Co-authored by georgiamagnolia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2093

Carrot (georgiamagnolia) sent this to me, saying that she'd found it in an old file and had no idea what she was going to do with it and did I want it? Of cousre, I did. First it was a chance to play with my old writing buddy and second it was a challenge.

My thanks to her and to sparky955 for her clean up.

“If I’d known coming late to dinner would get me this I would be late every night.” Napoleon arranged his fork and knife crossed over his clean plate then smiled at his partner next to him. Rocky appeared from nowhere to retrieve the plate and disappeared again, hummed bars of ABBA trailing behind him.

“What did you do, lick the platter clean?”


“I will take that as a vote of confidence for our newest menu additions,” Illya gave Napoleon the barest of smiles but his eyes danced with pleasure at the approval.
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We weren't expecting this. At least not this week...

From KCRA::

Gov. Gavin Newsom is scheduled to hold a COVID-19 briefing at noon Monday, hours after the state announced it was lifting all regional stay-at-home orders across California.

The announcement means that all counties in California revert back to following the county tier system, which loosens restrictions on reopening businesses depending on COVID-19 transmission and hospitalization rates. Most counties fall under the state's most restrictive purple tier.

Regions under regional stay-at-home orders had included the Bay Area, Southern California and San Joaquin Valley. Now that the orders are lifted, outdoor dining can resume and hair salons and barbershops are also able to reopen.

I am happy, but curious. Just after all this stink about the Gov. holding onto 2.9 million doses of the vaccine, he does this. Too much noise??
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

How has the pandemic affected your movie habits and do you think you'll return to the theater when all is said and done?

Have you or your family ever owned a Volkswagen?

Can you tie knots and if you can, which one do you tie the most often