January 30th, 2021


The official Friday Five for 29 January 2021

1) How is your year going so far?

2) Have you gotten vaccinated yet? If not, when do you think it's likely to happen?

3) Are you bored or are you busy these days?

4) Is this pandemic good or bad for your finances?

5) What are you missing most these days?

1. It's going as well as can be expected with a pandemic raging and everyone just holding on by their fingertips. We are fortunate in that we are comfortable and not worried about our finances. TBG has had his first shot and they are slowly opening us backup.

2. No, I'm not over 65. They are saying probably March. I hope so.

3. I am never bored. When I was young, I learned how to entertain myself and it's a skill that has never failed me. Even with all the crap that has happened, life is still wonderful!

4. I'm not sure anyone can say this pandemic has been much good for anything, except possible some companies that are raking it in. We are okay and that's enough.

5. Traveling, hugging my friends, seeing live theatre, volunteering at the theatre, traveling... eating inside restaurants, traveling...
cat and broom

The Adventure of the Great Rumpus Cat.

Or is that the Great Cat Rumpus.

Last night TBG was backing up the computer and he heard something funny. He could not put his finger on it, but eventually, he heard a yowl and figured there was a scuffle between two cats (usually Patachou and Pyewacket or Titan and Jenny). He went downstairs, turned on the lights and there was a strange cat in our living room. It was a Siamese that had been hanging around for the last few days. I'm not sure if he's feral or not, but he’s been hanging around since construction started.

Yesterday he had a meeting of the minds with Titan and Bête Noir. It was a stand-off and he took off when I opened the door to get my guys inside. He was pestering them on and off for the rest of the all day.

Last night we went out to dinner and came back, no big deal and I went to bed and TBG came upstairs to work on the computer.

I bet you can guess what was going on downstairs. We’re still not sure how he managed, but the Siamese was inside and the noise was him throwing himself against the windows trying to get out. TBG headed over to open up the door and the Siamese, we’ll call him Rumpus, headed for the kitchen and the sliding door there.

When that didn’t work, he headed upstairs, but Jenny and Bête Noir were guarding the bed room door, so he headed for the study and tried to get out those windows. Finally, after much adventure, TBG got him outside and went back around straightening things up.

Yeah, and I slept through the whole thing… and our guys never once engaged him.

And we still don’t have a clue how he got into begin with. The cat door was secure and the only other door was in the bedroom and there’s no easy way to access it…