February 8th, 2021


Are we ready for another six-word challenge?

Six words – what can you make of them? You have up to 100 words and a week to figure that out. It can take the shape of a poem, prose, a drabble or even just a sentence - anything you want. Be silly, creative, and have some fun! I'll check back on Friday to see how we did.

And may I just say how impressed I've been with everyone's offerings? They have been so great and I've had fun reading them!

A poetry challenge

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary.
While I pondered weak and weary.

Two road diverged in yellow woods
And sorry I could not travel both.

He holds him with his glittering eye
The wedding-guest stood still.

Oh, my luve(sic) is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June.

Poetry often touches us in ways we never think about. It can seem infinitely complex and simple at the same time and it speaks to all of us differently. So, an invitation to you.

Provide me with a line or two from your favorite poem, prose, naughty limerick, what have you. Please be sure to note the author and title so I can go and read the piece in its entirety, just in case… And, yes, it is more than okay if it's something of your own creation. Do that and I will write you something in one of the following fandoms.

My fandoms are: Man from UNCLE, Addams Family, Despicable Me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sapphire and Steel, NCIS or original fiction.

I will keep this up for 24 hours, so what do you say? You in?


The challenge is now closed. Thanks so much!!