February 12th, 2021


Gung hay fat choy!

This is the year of the Metal Ox

From Wikipedia:

In Chinese Taoist thought, Metal attributes are considered to be firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength, and determination. The metal person is controlling, ambitious, forceful, and set in their ways as metal is very strong. They are self-reliant and prefer to handle their problems alone. The metal person is also wise, business-oriented, and good at organization and stability. However, the metal person can also appreciate luxury and enjoy the good things in life. Just as metal can conduct electricity, the metal person has strong impulses and generative powers and can bring about changes and transformations for those who come into contact with them. The metal person is patient, as well as a good person with a strong will.
Mrs. Slocomb

This is my not amused face

So we have survived the replacement of our doors and sliding glass doors. It was pretty frantic yesterday. They stayed upstairs with us while the guys did the two sliding glass doors and the front door. They when they finished, they started on the second story balcony, so we all headed downstairs and started putting things back to right. TBG reinstalled the alarms while I cleaned. It took most of the afternoon to get everything back in order. So today had to be better, right?

Yeah, not so much. today they are installing all the flashing around the doors and windows - much pounding and screwing while another group are on the roof checking the tiles for damage or rot and they replace/replace the chimney flashing... Poor Patachou is about to come out of his skin. The rest of them seem to be doing okay.

I was actually happy to have a doctor's appointment (workers comp) and get some quiet time. Of course, I walked in at 9:25, got called back at 9:30 and by 9:45 I was headed out the door. I hate having to jump through these hoops for workers comp, but not having to pay a cent for the visit or renewed prescription sort of evens the playing field.

Rain all last night and starting back up late this evening through tomorrow. Today is blue and gorgeous. it's nice to have a day to dry out in between. Sunday is dry and more rain on Monday. Not hating this at all.

Stay safe and warm!
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering/Friday Five

anais_pf posted The Friday Five for 12 February 2021

1) What fictional character would you like to sit down and have dinner with, and why?

2) What three famous people would you like to invite to a small party you're throwing, and why?

3) What historical figure do you wish you could have met?

4) What actor would you like to have participate in your next games night?

5) If you could have any band perform at your next birthday party, which band would it be?

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