February 19th, 2021


Master of our Fate - the first of the poetry challenge

Title: Master of our Fate
Genre: NCIS
Rating: G
Word Count: 408
Prompt: Invictus by William E Henley - alynwa

Alynwa, I hope you like my little ficlet. I know sparky955 did (and I thank you for your beta!). Thanks for playing!

Jethro Gibbs watched the raindrop trickle down the window pane and he absently traced it with his finger. He wasn’t sure if he disliked rain more than snow or vice versa. You didn’t have to shovel snow, but you could shake the snow off your coat. Snow was cold, mind numbing cold, killing cold while rain… well, drowning was always a worry.


Gibbs looked away from the window and to his friend, Dr. Ducky Mallard. “Yeah, Duck?”

“A penny for your thoughts.”
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Napoleon Yeah, right

I'm running out of unhappy icons...

So after a week of more grinding, pounding and general crud, the contractors gave us a day off. They did put up scaffolding outside our bedroom, so I'm guessing that's next.

It was sort of spitting rain this morning and I was looking forward to a nice quiet break... and that's when Comcast started jack hammering the street outside our place. Seems that when PG&E went through the other side of the road last year, it messed up their cable, so Comcast is relaying its cable on the other side. yay, not so much...

The other day, I’d seen something that made me sad. There is a lovely put bull named Luna who lives a few apartments from us. She’s very gentle and sweet natured. She has befriended all the construction workers and regularly comes over to our place to try and get the cats to play with her. The other day I saw her owner running down the swale to Terry’s house and then Terry running back. They were crouched on the porch and I heard Terry say, “Poor baby.” My heart sunk.

The contractors cut open a portion of our gate and I’d been worried about Luna running into the road. Sadly, that’s what happened, but it was because the owner was playing with her on the grass out front (our swale is covered with bits of plaster, stucco, lumber, etc.) and Luna ran into the road and was hit. Then last night TBG came in and told me that Luna was doing okay and expected to make a full recovery. I am so glad about that. Thank the stars for the speedbumps on our road. Then TBG wonders why I want to keep the cats in.

TBG had a mild reaction to his second shot. He ran a fever (99.7) and spent much of the day asleep. The fever broke last night, but he's still pretty tired (he did vacuum the living room, so I know he's feeling better). Barb had hers and she's got sore muscles in her shoulders and back. We made a choice of Sho Mi for dinner tonight. Hopefully we can get in as they had limited outside seating.

To all my friends in the south and east, stay warm and safe. To everyone else, stay safe and keeping fighting the good fight.

Just wondering/The Friday Five for February 19, 2021

Manners - we all know what they are, we all know what they are for.

1. Do you think you are more or less courteous than your parents?

2. Has the pandemic effected your manners and in what way?

3. Do you think manners should be taught in school or at home?

4. If you are a woman, do you like having a guy hold open a door for you or would you rather hold open a door for a guy?

5 Guys, what about you? Do you like having a woman hold a door for you or does it make you feel weird. Why?

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