February 25th, 2021

bad day

From the construction zone

Construction continued. At least there wasn't much grinding this week, but there is now scaffolding surrounding our building. Shrubs are being ripped from the ground and doors are being taped shut. For the first part of the week, it was the two back doors that were covered with plastic and that meant no going out for the cats. Then they took those down and taped off our front door. We can't both leave now because we've no way to secure our place. Grumble.

We are now dull gray, so much better that the baby poop yellow of the beginning of it. Worse, they are starting to rip shrubbery out and leveling the ground. Gone are the mass of Easter lilies we had along with all our flowering bushes. I'm a little worried about what they will do with ours. At least we have a few weeks before that happens.

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