March 1st, 2021


A fic for Halfmoon Mollie

Title: A Small Masterpiece
Genre: Despicable Me
Rating: G
Word count: 688
Prompt: A small Masterpiece by Halfmoon Mollie

I hope you liked what I did with your poem. I have such fun with these guys! My thanks to you and to Sparky for her Beta.

“Da Vinci painted her
Napoleon stole her
She ended up in
a museum in France

Margo paused. It was storming outside and she’d been put in charge of entertaining her siblings and the occasional minion that wandered by. She looked at the small group and asked, “What am I?”

Bob’s hand shot up into the air. “Me! Me!”

“Yes, Bob?” Margo grinned at the small yellow minion. “What am I?”


“A puppy?” Agnes made a face.

“No, poopay! Pooooo-pay.” Seeing that he was getting nowhere, Bob scooted off the chair, his feet dangling precariously until he touched the step stool. He climbed down and ran off.

“Do you…?” Margo asked her sisters.

“No idea… and I thought I had Minionese down…” Edith shrugged her shoulders and returned her attention to chewing on her juice straw. Agnes smiled and shook her head. She had just gotten a new unicorn and was busy making it show worthy. She sat on her bedroom rug, Kyle’s head on her lap.
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Winston 2

The six word challenge.

Six words – what can you make of them? You have up to 100 words and a week to figure that out. It can take the shape of a poem, prose, a drabble or even just a sentence - anything you want. Be silly, creative, and have some fun! I'll check back on Friday to see how we did.
The words: