March 6th, 2021


The official The Friday Five for 5 March 2021

anais_pf posted:

1) Where in the entire world would you love to be vacationing right now?

2) Where in your own home country or state would you love to be vacationing right now?

3) Where would you love to vacation later on this year when the weather is different?

4) Where are you likely to vacation this year?

5) And next year?

1. So many places, but probably Hawaii. It would be good to see family there again. It's been forever. Tahiti would be close behind, but any South Pacific island would be great.

2. Here? Probably the City (SF) to see The Boy and his partner. We haven't seen them in nearly two years. Sigh...

3. Um, our weather is pretty great year round, but it would be nice to be able to get to Florida to see our friends and GD, then continue on to our cruise in Brisbane (and Papua New Guinea). We will see.

4. See above.

5. Fingers crossed, Egypt.